Ready to Jump into Ownership?

Ready for the next step? We recommend having a look at our inventory list – we may already have your dream embryo!

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Have you found your embryo? We offer options for how to proceed!

Embryo Purchase

You can purchase your embryo and assume ownership right away. The purchase price allows you to use your embryo right away or continue to store it at a facility of your choosing. Costs for transfer of ownership, ongoing storage, implantation of the embryo into a surrogate mare and foaling out are the responsibility of the buyer. No guarantee is made for the viability of the embryo.

Embryo Purchase with Implantation Option

This option includes us managing thawing and implantation of your embryo into a surrogate mare. Once your surrogate mare is confirmed in pregnancy at 45 days, you pay a lease fee for the surrogate mare and assume all additional medical costs, shipping and foaling out.

Returning the surrogate mare to us (or rental facility) when the foal is weaned is also your responsibility. Should a confirmed pregnancy not result at 45 days, you are entitled to a credit of 50% of the embryo value towards the purchase of another embryo.  Please contact us to discuss the fees for this option.

Embryo Pricing

Our embryos are typically priced between $7,000-10,000 USD. Every one of our embryos is graded and we only freeze those which exhibit minimal abnormalities (Grades 1 and 2).

Mare With Foal

Interested in a custom embryo?

Book one of our mares and let us help you create the custom embryo of your dreams! We will arrange for our mare to travel to an ICSI facility for oocyte collection and creation of embryos. Choose from our available ICSI doses of semen, or provide your own. In addition to the cost of the embryos, you as the purchaser, will be responsible for the medical costs of producing the embryos, shipping the donor mare to and from our ICSI facility, and ongoing storage costs once the embryo is produced.

In Utero ICSI Foals

We select and implant a select number of ICSI embryos per year. You, the purchaser, will be responsible for boarding and foaling out charges for the surrogate mare at a facility of EquVi Inc.’s choosing. After foaling, you are entitled to three free months of boarding for the mare and foal. Medical expenses for the foal or surrogate mare, as well as boarding for the foal after three months of age and transportation of the foal, are your responsibility.

Custom In Utero Foals

While we partner with Mountain Creek Sport Horses and share their mares, EquVi Inc. does not deal with the creation of custom in utero foals. Please contact Mountain Creek Sport Horses directly with questions about custom in utero foals who are carried by the MCSH mares!