Vicktoria In Field

How We Got Started

EquVi, Inc. started with a beautiful show jumper mare named Vicktoria. After her retirement, Vicktoria was taken in by our reputable horse breeder, Elisha. We formed our company when we realized that in addition to Vicktoria, we had a few other older mares that, while no longer able to carry their own foals to term, were still loved, cherished, and capable of producing quality oocytes for breeding. Thus, we decided to explore embryo transfer, and figure out how to do it in a way that prioritized the health and well-being of our mares.

This is where the ICSI method came in. It allowed us to safely collect oocytes from Vicktoria and our other mares. ICSI gave us the opportunity to create foals that otherwise would not have existed.


Our Philosophy

At EquVi, we love our horses. Their health and welfare come first.

We want to work with like-minded people who love and cherish horses as much as we do, and establish lasting partnerships with our clients.

As an employer, we are committed to paying our employees a fair wage with benefits.

Saye’s Story

Saye is a small animal veterinarian who’s always loved horses. Her daughter was an avid rider, and Saye was fortunate to be able to buy her an amazing jumper mare named Vicktoria. They spent several seasons together successfully competing in jumpers, equitation, and hunter derbies on the A circuit in Canada. When it was time to retire Vicktoria from competition, Saye and her daughter sought out someone who could love and care for Vicktoria as much as they did. Elisha was introduced to them by a mutual friend, and the rest is history.

Elisha’s Story

Elisha Massong has been active in the horse show world for over 25 years. Her experience as a young competing rider taught her what riders and coaches look for in a show horse. Her eye for quality is incredible, and her ability to curate her extensive knowledge of bloodlines led to Mountain Creek Sport Horses. Elisha and her husband Shaun have been working together on the farm for 12 years. Shaun’s ability to train and handle young stock is one of the reasons our foals are so brave and willing. His passion and hard work behind the scenes is invaluable!

Year after year, Elisha produces highly sought-after foals, making her one of the most successful breeders in North America. Soundness and rideability in a beautiful package is her goal, and the reason why her foals go on to careers in sport.